Foschino 219 Ladies Designer Frame

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Foschino FOS219  Colours : Pink, Burgundy, Gold

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    World-leading photochromic lenses, as seen on TV.
    Automatically change from a clear to a dark tint in sunlight.
    As clear as an ordinary lens whilst indoors.
    Blocks 100% of the suns harmful UVA and UVB rays.
    Available in Grey or Brown Tints

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    Dark Sunglasses Tints - Provide approximately 70% light absorption and 100% UV protection.

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    Provide 100% UV protection, visual comfort and improve contrast. Block horizontally-polarised light to prevent glare.

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    2. Ensure that your frames are not broken and lenses are not missing (as this can affect the PD reading).
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    4. If you would like your glasses returned please ensure you select the £4.95 option. If you choose our FREE PD check option, your frames WILL NOT be returned. 

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FOSCHINI FOS219 Womens Frame

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Burgundy, Gold, Pink


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